A locksmith in Texas says he is “going to kill” anyone who tries to take his business.

Key points:The locksmith said his company’s business is one of the largest in the USA locksmith from Florida told a local newspaper that he wants to use his own money to take the business’ businessThe locksman’s name is Curtis, but he said he has used his own name and not the name of the companyThe locksmen have been known to steal millions of dollars worth of locks in recent yearsBut Curtis told the Tampa Bay Times he has always operated as his own business.

“It’s really scary,” Curtis told WFTS in an interview.

“If I were to do something like that, I wouldn’t have any money, I’d just get in there and steal it.”

Curtis said his business was one of Florida’s largest locksmiths, with a franchisee of about 250 employees.

He said his franchisee has about 25,000 locks, which he said they have stolen from his company over the past five years.

“I have to take their money,” he said.

“They need to get their money.

It’s like a game of hide and seek.

If they don’t get their stuff, I will.”

This is my business.

I want them to come and take it.

“He said he also wants the locksmith to be compensated for any damage he causes.”

As long as they get their business, I’m not going to do anything,” he told the paper.”

But I am going to get the money.

“He has been arrested twice in recent months, and both times he said the police had stopped him and arrested him for “defrauding”.

But Curtis said he had always operated by himself, and had never been arrested.

He told WFPL that he is considering suing the locksman.”

I have a business. “

I don’t have a problem with him.

I have a business.

He’s just trying to take my business.”‘

He is going to kill me’I have been called ‘a thief’ and a ‘loser’ by his business’s franchisee.

“That’s not me.

That’s not who I am,” Curtis explained.”

Some people say I’m a thief, some people say ‘He is gonna kill me’.”

I’m not a thief.

I’m just a locksmith.

“I have had a couple of incidents where people come into my business and they try to take it, and I have been the victim of that, Curtis said, but “that’s just because I am a locksman”.’

Locked up in a cage’Curtiss said he is going into the business knowing that he will not be able to sell locks.”

My locksmith is not going anywhere.

They are my customers.

I do what I do for them, so they can come in and take my locks,” he explained.

He described the locks he has stolen as “beautiful” and said he was grateful that people have helped him.”

The more money I get, the more money they get.

And that’s what I want to do,” he added.”

You don’t even have to be rich to get a lock.

It could be just a couple hundred dollars.

If you want a lock, just ask.


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