The locksmith who’s been in business for more than 50 years is now out of work and desperate to get a new job.

“I’ve been looking for a car that I can afford, and I’m out of money,” says Caryl McNeal, owner of Lockmith Cary.

McNeal says she and her husband, Carl, are in the midst of a big divorce, and she’s been trying to find work for over a year.

She says she had been looking at car insurance and leasing companies, but was unable to find the right one.

“I couldn’t find anybody,” she says.

“It’s been almost a year, and the insurance is expensive.”

McNeal is now looking for help from the National Automobile Dealers Association to find a job, as well as help with the costs of buying a new vehicle.

Car insurance is one of the main expenses, but it doesn’t have to be expensive, McNeal says.

She’s looking for an insurance policy that will cover the cost of a vehicle for her husband’s family, such as car insurance.

“I can find out where the premiums are going to go for me and my family, and then I can find someone who is going to pay for it,” she explains.

“That’s where my problem comes from.”

McNeal is now the CEO of the Lockmith Cary.

She has been on the job since August, but is currently only able to get her family to drive.

It’s not easy for her to pay off her mortgage and other bills.

But she’s hopeful.

I’ve seen the benefits, she says, and there are lots of people that are doing great work, too.

She says the community has helped her out, as she has had people calling to offer help and offer advice.

The Lockmith Council is an organization of local locksmiths who are looking for work.

They’re also seeking to expand their business.

The Lock-down is currently in place in all of the major cities in the country, including New York, Chicago, Detroit, Miami, Philadelphia, and Atlanta.


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