As the locksmith industry continues to grow in Illinois, Illinois State University has set up a locksmith hiring site for Illinoisans interested in joining the profession.

The Illinois State Police has been a leading source of employment for lockspans in the state for years.

The new locksmith recruiting site will be managed by the Illinois State Security Service (ISSS), the Illinois Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the State University of Illinois (ISU).

The website is a collaborative effort between the DHS, ISSS, the State Department of Transportation (DOT), and several Illinois-based locksmith companies.

More than 10,000 locksmiths have applied for jobs in the US since it became legal in 2017, and the state has more than 3,200 active locksmith firms.

There are currently more than 1,600 locksmith positions available for hire.

The ISSS and DOT are now working with Illinois State, the University of Chicago, the Illinois Police Department (IPSD), and other stakeholders to establish the new Illinois State and Illinois State security locksmith website.

This site is designed to make hiring easier and more convenient for Illinois residents.

“We’re pleased to partner with ISSS to develop the new locksmart recruiting site,” said University of Phoenix President Robert Fetterman.

“The job market in Illinois is incredibly competitive and this is an excellent way to diversify the pool of locksmith professionals.”

The ISSU is a branch of the Illinois National Guard, a service of the state of Illinois.


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