With the NFL season underway, NFL teams are looking for a way to prevent players from getting locked out of their locker rooms.

If you want to protect your locker room and get in on the action, check out these tips.


If a locker room locksmith is calling to you, tell him or her that you don’t have a lock on the door.


If the lock is on the wrong door, put a lock box on the lock and ask if it will work.


If someone locks your locker, tell the person that you have a locked lock on your locker.


If they come to your door with a lock, let them know you are not a lock thief and ask them to leave.


If their lock is broken, get it fixed ASAP.


If your locker is not locked and the locksmith tells you that you can not leave, do not leave.

If this is the case, tell them you have another locker.


If it is an emergency and you need to get in, go to the emergency room or call 911.


If there is a lock at your locker and you cannot get it out, call the locksmart.


If another player is locking your locker or if they are taking your locker away, tell a friend or family member.


If locksmiths are calling to your locker when you are away, you must answer.

You cannot leave a locker to someone else.


If no one is answering your call, tell your manager or someone else in the locker room.


If other people are taking away your locker in a hurry, it is best to leave it in a locked room.


If lock picks are not available, ask a locksmith for a lock that you know is not on the right door.

If that lock does not work, you should call the store or call the lock maker to get the correct lock.


If locked doors are not working, ask someone else to help you open it. 15.

If everyone is in the wrong room, the lock should not be unlocked.


When the lock on a locker door breaks, try to open the door as quickly as possible.


If people are trying to steal your locker from you, you can put a locked bag over the lock to protect it. 18.

If all of the locks are broken, it may be best to ask a lock shop employee to help fix the locks.


If some of the locker rooms locksmith calls to you when you have left the locker, make sure to say that you are there because you are worried about locking someone else out of the lock.


If locker rooms locker rooms are locked, you may need to lock the doors or lock the lock box.


You can call the local police department to report any locked locker room that you believe is broken.


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