Washington, D.C. — A lockdown of a locksmith’s shop is no longer a matter of routine.

But it is still a good idea, experts say.

Lockdowns have become more common and costly, and some of the cost is due to a lack of training and supervision, said Peter W. Stuck, a professor at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business.

Lockdowns and other security measures are increasingly common across the country.

It was common to have a lock down in a car dealership, for example, when the dealership was a major employer, Stuck said.

Now, he said, many businesses have locks that will not open until the company is closed.

Lockdown tactics vary from town to town.

Lockdowns at a mall in Atlanta, for instance, usually involve locking down shops for hours.

The mall also has restrictions on the use of electronic devices, such as cell phones, cameras and televisions.

In some communities, people who are in charge of a shop can lock the shop down, Wanda D. Johnson, executive director of the American Association of Lockdown Technicians, said in an interview.

“They may say, ‘The people working in the shop are in trouble,’ or ‘The locksmith has to be in trouble,'” Johnson said.

In those communities, the lock down is called a lockdown and it is not a matter for the people who work in the business, she said.

The practice of lockdowns is no new, but some cities are more prone to it than others, said David J. Miller, a law professor at George Washington University.

Lockdown in urban areas is less common than in rural areas, he noted.

But the cost of lock downs is more expensive, he added.

In the District, for an average lockdown, the locksmith would have to charge a $250 to $350 fee for each day of lock down, according to Miller.

In Atlanta, it would cost the lockshop an additional $100.

The costs of lockdown have gone up, and there are limits on the amount of time that people can lock down a shop.

In a Philadelphia shop, for one thing, there is a limit on how many locks can be in the store.

The locksmith can’t leave a shop until they are fully staffed.

Some lockdowns are necessary to protect businesses, such in cases where a fire breaks out, said Stuck.

If a fire has destroyed an entire building, the buildings can be damaged and it can take a few days for the locks to be repaired, he explained.

In many states, lockdowns occur at the request of local governments or government agencies, and many jurisdictions have some type of agreement with locksmith companies to allow people to lock down businesses for certain hours, said Scott A. Gaskin, vice president of the National Lockdown Association, a trade group.

But lockdowns can become a costly chore for some people, Gaskins said.

People may lock down the shop because they are worried about getting into trouble, for some reason, he warned.

That can also be true, he suggested.


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