A locksmith in Jacksonville, NC can get your car locked by an auto company

Posted February 05, 2018 07:14:08 A lockscreen thief in Jackson, NC has the means to unlock your car, according to police.

It all started with a Craigslist ad.

It says a locksmith is available to assist with your auto lock and has a special service.

The ads, which were placed on Craigslist and were viewed over 200 times, were from a car lockscreening company called LockScout.

The company, which calls itself “The World’s Leading Locksmith,” has a website, a Facebook page and even a Snapchat account, according the company’s owner, Mike Johnson.

The video posted on LockScouts website shows Johnson with a lockscreen tote that looks like a lock that the locksmith can lift.

The lockscreen, which is set to lock and unlock with a code, is placed in front of a television.

Johnson says the video is a real lock, but he says it’s not the real thing.

He says he was able to open the lockscreen with a remote, but that he couldn’t unlock the car without an employee.

Johnson told ABC News affiliate WAGT-TV that he was approached by the lockscreens owner and the employee after a neighbor reported a burglar had broken into the car.

Johnson said the locksmart owner offered to replace the locks screen if he would unlock the door, but Johnson declined.

Johnson claims the locksscreens owner told him the locks were working and the car was unlocked, but the locks employee said the company wouldn’t be able to remove the locks from the car until the locks chief was in town.

Johnson is now calling the locks screens owner a “scam artist.”

Johnson says he has contacted the Jacksonville Police Department and the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, but no arrests have been made.


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