LOCKSMITH BRANDT, the brand name for a small number of locksmiths in Dublin, has been under investigation by the Garda Siochana for two years.

Last month, Garda Commissioner John Murray called the brand “a major threat to public safety and to the public health”.

But the investigation is now moving to a new phase and the Gardai are questioning a number of people about the company.

In a statement, the Gardan Siochanas statement said the company had been under “an active investigation” by the company’s former owner, Richard Brandt, for “serious” criminal offences including theft, conspiracy to commit a serious crime, and fraud.

It said it was aware of a criminal investigation and would “immediately” notify the relevant police authority.

However, the statement did not address the name of the company or how it could be identified.

The Garda have told The Irish News that the investigation was “ongoing” and the investigation will not be over in the next few weeks.

It is understood the company is in talks with a number, including the Gardens, about a deal for the company to move.

The company was also contacted by a member of the public who claims to have been a customer of the brand, who claimed that the company was involved in the theft of more than €4 million from his bank account.

The woman claimed that on several occasions, the company would give him “instructions” on how to obtain locksmithing services.

She said that in the past she was “bought” by one of the people involved in this theft and “fantasized” about the brand.

“I told the person that I was an expert on locksmith and wanted to help, but he just said he would send money,” she told The Independent.

Gardai and the Irish Government are seeking to determine if any crimes may have been committed by the business.

A spokesperson for the Gardas told TheJournal.ie that there is a significant amount of information and evidence about the business and the criminal activity that it has engaged in.

The spokesperson said: “We are looking into the allegations, and the actions taken by the brand to ensure that the public is not put at risk.”

“We are aware of an ongoing investigation by Gardaí into the Brandt company.

We will be providing information and any relevant information as it becomes available.”

The brandt company is currently engaged in negotiations with the Gardals and the Minister for Transport and Communications, Kevin Humphreys, for the sale of the business, TheJournal and The Irish Independent can reveal.

It has been said that the Brandts would sell the business to a private company that would “secure a large share of the property”.

A spokesperson with the company said: “”The Brandt brand has grown to be a recognised brand with over 100,000 locksmith shops and we are proud to be the biggest locksmith brand in Ireland.

“As part of our strategic plan, we have recently undertaken a review of the Brandtan brand, and we have identified significant potential opportunities to improve the brand in the future.”

We have already identified some of these opportunities and we continue to look at them.

“In the event of any other issues, we will provide any further information as and when it becomes relevant.”


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