San Antonio, TX – The locksmiths of Los Angeles have announced a new product that they say will lock your cars doors with your keys.

Los Angeles locksmith, Travis Hensley, says his company, Keys & Co., has developed a device called the Lock and Key that is compatible with locks made by different companies.

The device is made of a magnetic core and can be secured to a keyhole or lock that is inserted into the lock.

This keyhole can then be locked with the Lock & Key.

“We want to make sure that when people are locking cars doors, they have all the tools that they need,” Hens, said in a video.

“We’re offering the locksmith the tools and tools only available in our store, so if someone wants to buy a key from us, they can.”

The company says it will be available for purchase from June 24, and Hens said it has already been used to lock doors of a dozen cars in the Los Angeles area.

The Lock & Keys is being touted as a better option for people who want to lock their cars doors or have a key that’s difficult to open.

Hens added that the device is designed to lock the car door at night when the key is out of reach of the keyholder.

It has the ability to lock a car door using a single lock that has to be set to a certain temperature, he said.

Hening said the company will offer the product to car buyers in a number of markets, including Los Angeles, Austin, and Houston.

Hens said the key can be used in vehicles that have a sliding door that can be opened manually, as well as a car that has a locking mechanism that opens only with a key.HENS also said the device can be worn as a bracelet, and he said it will allow people to use the device as a way to unlock a door while driving.

“With the locks that I have, you need to take out the key to open them.

You can’t do it with the locks, so we wanted to put something that can do that,” he said in the video.

The company said it was not the first company to make a keyless locking device.

Last year, San Francisco-based KeySafe Technologies announced a keylock that it called the KeyLock that locks your keys to the key.

That company, which makes a device for the same purpose, has since stopped making its product.


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