Posted July 29, 2018 07:08:30 The average person in Texas spends about $20,000 on a lock, according to the LockMaster Association of Texas.

But that could change in 2018 thanks to a new gift card program that will let you buy a lock from the company that made it.

The lockmaker is LockMaster International, a unit of LockMaster, Inc. In a news release, LockMaster CEO Kevin T. Miller said the new LockMaster gift card option will allow anyone in Texas to open a lock and use a gift card for a new lock.

That includes anyone who owns or rents a home or business in the state.

The new Lockmaster gift card allows anyone to buy a $200 lock at any LockMaster store and take it home with them.

Toss in the $100 cashback offer and you have yourself a steal.

The $100 LockMaster card can be used for new lock purchases as well as new LockMasters.

LockMaster is accepting applications now, and LockMaster’s sales representatives said they hope to offer it in 2018.

The program is just one of several ways LockMaster will open new locks for customers this summer.

The company is also accepting applications for the next LockMaster Gift Card Program.

The first one was launched in June, and it gives people a chance to buy one of Lockmaster’s new $100 and $200 gift cards at any of its Texas stores.


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