Modesto locksmith, Hani, says he can handle almost anything with his locksmith skills.

The 30-year-old, who has been working as a locksmith for three years, said he had to move to a new apartment after losing his job and having to move out of his parents home.

He said he got the idea to open locksmiths for himself and his girlfriend.

“I was tired of the old locksmith jobs and was looking for a change, so I decided to try it out,” he said.

The Modesto resident said he has to make sure the locksmith does everything properly and gets the locks cleaned.

He’s not afraid to take the locks that are out of service and sell them on the secondary market, he said, adding he’s had customers ask if they can have their locksmith come and pick them up.

Hani said he started his locksaw business with the help of a few friends who also have locksmith licenses.

“Now I can handle anything, from cars to refrigerators, everything,” he explained.

“The main thing is getting it done.”

Hani, who works out of the Modesto area, said the job he loves is being able to put his own fingerprints on the locks, which are often old and rusty.

“The quality of the work is better because you can’t just pick them,” he told The Jerusalem Pro.

He added that he’s looking to expand to the states, and is looking to get more apprenticeships.

“Once you have that, I’ll get more money and do more,” he added.


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