Israel-made and locally sourced locksmiths are springing up all over Georgia, as residents of metro Atlanta search for cheaper, more reliable locksmith services. 

The Georgia Lockmakers Association, which has been a fixture in the metro Atlanta area for years, is expanding its services into metro Atlanta in the wake of an outbreak of lock theft. 

With an emphasis on the needs of its own communities, the organization has created a program to offer locksmithing services in Georgia. 

“Our job is to provide people with quality locksmith service,” said Georgia Lockmaker President, Scott Jones. 

This includes services to customers in Atlanta, Marietta, and Clayton. 

While there is no one-size-fits-all model, the Georgia Lock maker believes that its approach is effective at both the local and regional level. 

As a result, the lockmaker is expanding into metro areas across the country and plans to expand its services in metro Atlanta. 

According to the organization, its lockmaking service is designed to provide customers with the best quality locks, with an emphasis upon local communities. 

Jones believes that in order for lockmakers to remain competitive in a world where locks are increasingly being stolen and used for other purposes, they need to have the best local service. 

In addition to the lockmaking services, Georgia Lock makers offers locksmith workshops in Atlanta and the metro area. 

A few years ago, Jones said, the company started offering locksmith training and certification courses in Georgia for customers in metro areas. 

Georgia Lockmakers has now expanded into Atlanta as well, offering locks for sale in the city, as well as in the surrounding metro area for local customers. 

Currently, Georgia is the first state to offer an open source lock maker program. 

It will open a Georgia Lock Maker certification program to train lock makers across the state in the coming months. 

If Georgia becomes a lock maker’s first priority, it hopes that the program will expand across the entire country. 

To date, Georgia has had a total of three lock maker certification programs, each of which has allowed lock makers to train in Atlanta.

The Georgia Locksmith Association will offer certification programs in Georgia in 2017, 2019, and 2020. 

For more information on Georgia Lock, please visit:


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