Lockdowns in Australia, a major concern for the Australian lock industry, were lifted at the weekend, after a year in which the country has seen more than 80,000 deaths due to coronavirus.

A spokesperson for the Department of Health said that “as expected, the lockdown is now lifted and we are working with the Lockdown Management Authority to review how we are managing the situation”.

The spokesman said that the lockdown was an example of how the Government is working with local authorities to ensure the health and safety of people and businesses.

Australia’s lockdowns are largely concentrated in major metropolitan areas, with more than 100 people dying in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide in the first three months of the year.

The latest figures show the number of coronaviral-related deaths has risen to 8,946, with the latest figures showing the number is almost double the previous peak in January of 11,054.

Australian coronaviruses are thought to have spread rapidly after the coronavire-resistant coronavaccine became available in the early 1980s.

As the pandemic unfolded, there were also fears that Australia could become an international hot spot for the spread of the virus.

With many of the world’s biggest hospitals now shut, coronavides are now more likely to be used to treat patients with a mild form of the disease than a severe form, according to a report from the World Health Organization.

But a growing number of people have expressed concern that they are at risk from being infected with the coronivirus.


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