When you’re looking for a locksmith in Long Beach, you might need to search for them online.

That’s because locksmith jackSON ms is in the process of moving to a new facility, which means the business is going through a transformation, said Long Beach police spokeswoman Cara LeGrand.

A lot of locksmith jobs are vacant, and that’s why he’s seeking a new position.

He said he will be working on that transition and moving his shop to another location.

The Long Beach Police Department has seen a huge increase in the number of burglaries this year, which prompted the city to create a task force to identify potential crimes, according to city spokeswoman Jennifer O’Brien.

The department is also trying to increase the amount of time that locksmith operations are held to a minimum.

The locksmith business is one of the fastest growing jobs in the city, O’Brien said.

But a lack of security precautions and proper lockdowns can lead to a potential burglar getting in, she said.

A good security plan is important, said O’Connor, the Long Beach locksmith.

She said a lot of people don’t take the time to put their security plan in place, which leads to a burglary.

“I would definitely recommend people take a look at their locksmith job,” she said, noting that locking doors and putting locks in your home are all important to having a secure home.

The city has been trying to find a solution to the problem for some time, and it will continue to work with locksmith services to address their needs, LeGrand said.

The City Council will consider an ordinance on Friday that will make locksmith licensing easier for residents.


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