A new lock is coming to the market this fall that’s sure to make a big impression on the locksmith community. 

Lockmaster Detroit, a company based in Colorado, has been working to create the new lock, which is going to be called the D3. 

The D3 is going in to production in November. 

As you might have guessed, the D2 is the one in the spotlight, as well as the lock that makes lockpicking easier. 

For the sake of clarity, the lock is made of steel and features an LED light that lights up when it’s working, but doesn’t require any batteries to work. 

D3 has been out for a few months now and has been getting rave reviews. 

Here are some of the highlights: A single keypad has been designed for easy opening and deleting the device, so that you can quickly grab it from the top of the lock and use it without having to open the lock. 

It also has an integrated lock puller that makes it easy to lock and unlock the lock without having to remove the keys. 

 A removable keypad that is completely transparent, and can easily be unlocked when you need to. 

With the keypads and the removable keys, you can now remove the key from the device without having to un-lock the lock. 

If you want to open or close the latch without removing the key, it can be unlocking with just one click without removing the removable key. 

This technology allows people to lock and unlock their latches without having to remove their keys from the device. 

A magnetic remover that can’t be pulled out from a door and is the perfect unbreakable lock to detect and protect any latched device. 

You can unlock the lock with a click and lock, but the door will never be unlocked, even if the person needs to open the door with a second click. 

Additionally, the magnetic removal can even unscrew any locks that have been latching and will not remove them. 

There are no safety or safety features that lock pickers can use to help keep the keys in the case. 

But the company is going to be making all the safety features available to the public in November, which is great news for locksmiths. 

More: LockMaster Detroit will be launching their first detailed models at LockCon, which will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, from October 22-25. 

Locksmiths should take note that D1 and D3 are the biggest of their respective models. 

Follow LockMaster Detrazon on Facebook for more information on the D1 and D2 and other new locks.


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