Phoenix, Ariz.

— (AP) Lockdowns and lockdowns and more lockdowns.

You know how lockdowns get weird.

And now you can’t really go back.

So if you’ve got a few days or weeks left, be sure to take the time to figure out which locksmith you want to hire.

And it’s worth it.

We’ve ranked the top locksmith in Arizona and Arizona State for the past decade.

Here’s a look at our picks for the top Arizona locksmith.


Scotty Smith, Phoenix, AZ locksmith, Scotty is a locksmith for Phoenix’s Phoenix Fire Department, Phoenix Fire and Fire-Rescue, and Phoenix Police Department.

Scotts’ specialty is locksmithing, which he has mastered in Phoenix since 2000.

He has worked in locksmith shops for nearly 30 years, and his work ethic is legendary.

Scottys skills include: • Using a hammer to unlock a lock, or the front door, from a sliding glass door frame • Using an old key to unlock the front doors of buildings • Working with metal and steel and working through the layers of layers of wood to build a safe • Using the combination of the hammer and key to open a lock from an exterior door, a window, a garage, or a car garage • Working through multiple layers of the same lock to make a lock safe from a person’s body.

Scot’s clients include the Phoenix Police, Phoenix Valley Fire Department and the Phoenix Fire Protection District.

Scot also works with law enforcement agencies across Arizona, and has worked on more than 20,000 locks.


Michael Coyle, Phoenix police, Phoenix Phoenix Police Chief Michael Copley and Scotty Coyle at the Phoenix Phoenix police headquarters on Dec. 12, 2018.

Phoenix Police chief Michael Crouchy and Phoenix police sergeant Scotty was named to the Police Executive of the Year in 2018 by the Arizona Association of Chiefs of Police.

They’re still the best in the business.

Copleys skills are: • Understanding locks and locksmith techniques, including hammer and lock tools • Working at a safe distance from people and equipment • Working closely with supervisors and partners to ensure safe operations.


Brian Smith, Fire-rescue spokeswoman, Phoenix Scotty and his team have been fire rescue spokespeople for Phoenix Fire- rescue since the beginning of the crisis in January 2018.

He joined Phoenix Fire in 2008 and has been with the fire department since July 2019.

Scot has a master’s degree in public safety from Arizona State University and has received a Certificate of Merit from the National Fire Protection Association.

Scot is a certified fire fighter.

Scot Smith is the first fire chief in Phoenix history to be named Fire Chief of the Month.

Scot had a career in the fire departments first two fire districts, and also served as an assistant fire chief for a short time as an officer in the Phoenix police department.


Ryan Wieckowski, Phoenix Police Sgt., Phoenix Scot Coyle and Phoenix Fire Sgt. Ryan.

Ryan is a Phoenix Police sergeant and has served as a Phoenix police officer since July 2018.

Scot holds a master of science degree in criminology and criminal justice from Arizona Central University.


Scott Wiesch, Phoenix fire chief, Phoenix Sgt. Scot Collyer, Phoenix and Scot, along with Fire Chief Ryan Wieschin, were named to The Phoenix Fire Council and Phoenix firefighters for the month of December 2018.

Both are firefighters and were awarded the prestigious Fire Chief Award in 2018.

They are the best at what they do.

Scot and Scott’s specialties include: Fire prevention • Fire protection • Fire detection and response • Fire suppression • Fire operations • Training and safety • Emergency response and response.


Mike Coyle is the director of the Phoenix Area Fire Protection Agency, Phoenix.

Scot said that his focus as Phoenix Area fire chief has been to be an advocate for Phoenix firefighters.

Scot currently serves as Fire Chief at the Fire Protection district.

He is also the Phoenix area director of Phoenix Area Chamber of Commerce, Phoenix Chamber of Business, and Chamber of Phoenix.


Kevin Dyson, Phoenix attorney, Scot Copleier and Scot Wieschi, at a news conference in Phoenix, Phoenix Arizona, on Dec 6, 2018, following a public meeting on the Phoenix, the nation’s fourth-largest city, fire.

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton, Phoenix Mayor Phil Scott, Phoenix Area Mayor Greg Scott, Arizona City Mayor Kevin D. Dyson and Phoenix Mayor Ed Lee attended the news conference.

Scot announced the hiring of Scot Coody to be the city’s new Fire Chief.

Scot previously worked for the Phoenix city attorney’s office, and was a district attorney in Arizona.

Scot Wiedys name has become synonymous with Phoenix.

The city is home to more than 100,000 people.


Jeff Stahl, Phoenix city administrator, Phoenix Joe and Scot Codds office, Phoenix City Manager Jeff Stahls announcement that


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